The 3 Biggest Lies The PTC ”Gurus” Want You To Believe

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Paul Giorkas

I am an Internet Marketer, A Critical Thinker and a Healthy Lifestyle Enthusiast ! I live and breath of a dream ! A dream of me becoming free of financial worries ! Watch me as I go through my internet endeavors and catching up my dream.

# biggest lies in the ptc industry

In this article I will quickly reveal the 3 biggest lies that ptc ”Gurus” are keep telling you through their websites or their crappy eBooks that are selling in all over the ”ptc world”.

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So let’s Begin..

Biggest Lie #1: You need to sign up to 20 -30 ptc websites.

Oh my god !

Yes, this is what these clowns are telling you to do.

They actually telling you to find 20 -30 ptc websites to join and click on the ads that will appear, every day. Then after one month, you will take your earnings and you will invest them to neobux - or any other ptc website that they are affiliated with – and upgrade yourself into a Golden Member to start making real money !

BULLSHIT! ! (Sorry For The Language) :)

If you join to more than 5 ptc websites and try to click on their ads every day, then, you will definitely go crazy !

You need about 1 hour to click the ads that will appear on just the 5 of them. Imagine signing up to 20 ptc websites. You will need 4-5 hours per day. Clicking on all these ads will become boring and frustrating and you will probably stop doing it – to keep your sanity.

Oh, I forgot to tell you, that you’ll probably not become able to sum up the amount needed, to get an upgrade because the money will not be enough for your upgrade.

What You Really Need To Do is devote your self on promoting your ptc website, your new business opportunity. Learn how to Create a website, Write some articles about your ptc that you are affiliated with, Learn some basic SEO skills (or buy SEO Services from Fiverr – if you are too lazy) and promote your affiliate website.

Biggest Lie #2: There is no need to spend any money

For Christ sakes !  How in the hell are these ”Gurus” expecting you to grow your business if you do not invest money on it !

Imagine that you  are having an offline business. Wouldn’t you advertise it in order to attract more customers? Is there any place in the world that has Effective Free Advertising and I don’t know it yet?

Of course there are Free Promotion methods but these methods are not as effective as paid methods and they are also too much time consuming. If you are willing to follow them, then be my guest.

If you want your ptc business to grow fast then you need to invest some money on it ! You need to advertise your business with banners, ppc advertising (if you don’t know about pay per click advertising then find a good course and study it), writing articles like this one (again if you are not a good writer then order one from fiverr or I Writer) or finally do anything that will help you attract more people to your ptc website and start building your team.

Biggest Lie #3: Renting Referrals is the way to success

Right? WRONG !

I bought like a dozen of PTC eBooks from the so called ”PTC Gurus” and all of these time wasting eBooks, were talking about renting referrals and how easy it is to make money from them.

They even have strategies on renting them and recycling them and stuff like that !

What they don’t tell you is that rented referrals are not Real People. Rented referrals are BOTS !
Rented Referrals Are Bots
That’s right, BOTS ! Not Real Human ! These bots are programmed by the ptc administrators to click for just a bit less than the amount you spend to buy them.

For example if you rent 100 referrals for 30 days – for the amount of $20 – at the end of the 30 days you will earn $18 or maybe $17 or $16 or you might break even. Trust me, I know because I was one of the thousand ptc newbies, that believed the make money from rented referrals Lie. I spent more that $100 renting, recycling and trying to figure out how to make my rented referrals profitable.

Poor Me..

The trick – the admins are using – is to make you spend money every month on renting referrals from their website – instead of spending your money on getting direct referrals – which you don’t need to spent money all the time to keep them.

And I am not only the one who’s saying this. - a ptc website creator company is stating it really clear that you (as the ptc owner) can create bots in order to be sold to members. Read it here !

That’s why Clixsense Never Had the Rented Referrals option in their money making ways. Clixsense is 100 % Legit !


Please make sure you don’t fall into those traps that are set by the ”Evil Gurus”. The reason behind all these lies is because these people are making their money – not from the PTC idea which is to watch ads and complete tasks/offers – but by selling these crappy information – I mentioned above – to you.

That’s right, they create videos, eBooks and other training garbage and then they sell them on different  ptc websites for $5 – $10.

This is how they are making money from PTC Websites.

Now if you think that I missed something important or something I didn’t mentioned, please write a comment below, and I will quickly fix it .

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Pavlos Giorkas

I am an Internet Marketer, A Critical Thinker and a Healthy Lifestyle Enthusiast ! I live and breath of a dream ! A dream of me becoming free of financial worries ! Watch me as I go through my internet endeavors and catching up my dream.

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