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Welcome to Internet Monetization Tactics With Paul Giorkas !

Hi, Welcome To My Blog

paul giorkas, pavlos giorkasMy Name is Paul Giorkas and I am from Cyprus ! if you don’t know where Cyprus is… just go to Google Maps :)

Just Kidding … Cyprus is a small Greek speaking island in the meditterenean sea in the crossroad of 3 continents !

Always sunny, warm with endless beaches !

I am 27 years old, with a passion for internet, technology, exercising and healthy eating!

I’ve studied Public Relations,Marketing and Advertising at the University of Nicosia and currently I am worting as and advertising consultant in the islands biggest Publishing and Media Company.

9 to 5:30 at work , 6:00 to 7:00 at the gym and from 8:00 o’ clock until 12:00 o’ clock – in front of my computer studying Internet marketing,testing various programs and marketing techniques, making mistakes and getting frustrated and overwhelmed.

I have been dealing with Internet Marketing and the Making money online niche since  Summer of 2011. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and I feel like I’ve learned only a fraction from the internet world.

My Ultimate Goal !

I have to admit that making money online is not as easy as i thought it would be. There are so many things that you have to learn, so many ways to earn money and so many products and information out there that you don’t know what to choose to buy and what not to.

I am willing to learn them all and fight my way to success !

I hate the 9 – 5 everyday work and I am not gonna spend the rest of my life fighting to survive.

I want to make a family and I want to be next to my children in order to raise them well !

I don’t want to live in stress like the 90% of the earths populations lives ! I want to be FREE ! I want to Free My Time in order to do the things I want to do !

In order to achieve my Goals I have to develop a passive income that will free up my time and then scale it upwards in order to become wealthy.

I will Never Quit Until I Make It ! That’s A Promise !

About this Blog !

In this blog I will be posting:

  • anything that has to do with the online businesses I get involved with.
  • I will be posing t explanatory articles that are helpful,
  • articles that I find interesting and need to be shared with my followers,
  • monthly income reports so I can keep a track of what I am doing,
  • Honest Reviews about programs and tools I get Involved with
  • and anything else that will help my readers meet their goals faster !


If you have something that you wish to share with me, Please contact me at any time from the contacts page ! I will answer back as soon as possible !

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See ya !