3 Reasons Why Digital Generation is not a Scam?

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UPDATE: 14th of March 2014

I am writing this final – as it seems to be – update for Digital Generation so new visitors either from search engines or from within this blog do not get mislead by this review.

I wrote this review back on June 2013 – when Digital Generation was starting their journey – and I have to say that I really believed in them.

Unfortunately after almost 10 months Digital Generation turned to be a scam.

I was really supporting the program  (read the comments on the end of the post and you will understand) and I invested time and money on it because I really believed that this was the  one.

The one that will help the world make some extra money from his home easily and effortlessly.

It turned out that I was wrong.

I will not erase this post – instead I a going to leave there because I admit my mistakes and I believe that honesty always brings forgiveness.

Read it if you want but Do Not Invest on It !


Let me start by saying that Digital Generation is not a Scam Site and I have some points to develop further on this post to prove my statement !

I get a lot of bad comments to this blog from users all around the world that are frustrated with their pending payments due to my Digital Generation Review and the support that I am showing to this program.

You know something?

I have pending payments as well, and the last time I got paid was on mid July.Look at the screenshot below. It shows my pending payments and how much money I have in my Digital Generation Account.

I’ve made a payment request of $200 on my EGOPAY e-wallet and after seven days I’ve made a payment request of $20 to my PAXUM e-wallet.

Digital Generation account image

So, instead of wining about your pending payment status just be patient and read below my thoughts on why I believe that Digital Generation is NOT a Scam !

Oh, and one more thing.. Most of Digital Generation Users haven’t invested any money in the program so they basically didn’t lose any money – if it turns out that Digital Generation is a Scam.

The Reasons That I Believe Digital Generation Is NOT A Scam.

Reason #1

Payments have been reported by users on all over the internet. As the administrators of DG have stated on their updates, the payments would start again soon.

Here is a video of a woman that withdraws money to her account via PAXUM .Notice that the video was uploaded on the 30th of September and this post is been written on the 1st of October.

Here is a statement by a person that got payed on the 11th of September after his 2 months pending status.

And here is a screenshot from user JohnWoo_1 who got payed last night.

Digitla Generation Payment Proof

Coin Generation Payment Proof

Reason #2

The administrators of Digital Generation, are constantly updating us with all the latest news and developments that occur with Digital Generation.

I ask you, and I want honest answers in the comments area for this..

Do you really believe that these ”scammers” would bother updating us every little while about what happens with Digital Generation?

If I was a ”scammer”, I would definitely leave the website and it’s users to gods mercy and I would fled away with the money..

If you are a frequent visitor to DG’s website you would have noticed that everything they say it’s been done after few days.

Here are their 3 latest updates, taken from their website. Please take 2 minutes to read them.

1 October 2013

We have been approved today by a European bank to facilitate credit card payments in EUR and USD.

Our tech dept is currently making changes to the payment gateway and we should have MasterCard payments working by Friday 4th.

We are adjusting financial cash flows to balance the funds required for payouts and unfortunately still do experience some issues having our e-wallets funded on timely basis.

It’s our guarantee to you that all payouts will be completed immediately once we arrange our EgoPay and Paxum funding. We would like to bring you your attention the fact that we have all funding available on our HSBC account and are arranging the payment with their compliance dept as it’s at 1st transfer to take place to an offshore account of exchanger.

25 September 2013

We are in process of EgoPay and Paxum account funding, our cash flow is almost back to normal
and we expect to start processing pending payments within the next few days. A complete revision
of all blocked accounts is almost completed and we’re happy to get back on track!

Stay tuned for the next update, we’re still in process of resolving the ability for
EgoPay users to fund DG via Payza as well. Things have settled down and thanks to our
best efforts all valued members should have a comfortable and profitable experience with D.G.


Digital Generation Administration

23 September 2013

Our database is currently being updated to remove the account block and apply missing earnings for some accounts that might have been affected with the server sync. glitch.

We will update all users later today on payments status and hope to have all tech problems to be resolved today.

Our Paxum and EgoPay accounts will be funded within the next few hours, please be patient as we are applying final changes to the script to resume all payments back to instant.

Digital Generation Administration

Reason #3

The third reason is called intuition…

Just Kidding..

What Digital Generation’s business model is not something new. A company named PeerGomez was using the same model (CPU sharing) in order to test it’s clients computers about their functionality. This company still operates. Visit their website here for proof.

After Digital Generation’s payment problems, 2 new companies that are doing exactly what Digital Generation does appeared on the spotlight. The one is called IPUS Services and The other is called COINBEEZ.

If you search on Google or Wikipedia about multithreading and read about it you will understand that multithreading – the service that DG is providing – is not Nuclear Science, but something that existed and more and more companies are taking advantage of it.

Oh and one last thing.. Those of you who still wonder about viruses, malware and identity theft please take the time and scan the DG installer with Microsoft security essentials, Spybot Search & Destroy and www.virustotal.com

If you have any question to ask me or if you want to start a discussion, I’m all ears. Please do on the comments section below.

Also, here is the link to my Digital Generation Review and My earnings on June and July. Also in this link you will find their introductory video.

Update : My Digital Generation Payment Proofs

See Ya…

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Paul Giorkas

  • Otto

    Chat on their site is open JUST for paid users === do u know why ?
    i’ll tell u — all of the trials are not allowed to chat ’cause they WILL stop even their ” trial’ mining ..
    but now they are holded to earn at list somth ..

    but all of paided user ARE IN SHOCK !
    just read the chat ….

    • paulyiorkas

      Otto, do not follow what the masses are saying. I understand that Digital Generation’s administrators might not calculate things very well that is why they got into all that trouble.

      They are NOT scamers though !

      If they were scammers they would have left D.G and create another company a long time ago. Instead they are doing their best to fix things up.

      They are paying a lot of people now – including me . Maybe they will change their policy for newcomers in order not to get them selves into ”bad” positions again.

  • Otto Schultz

    DG is a scam !
    They even scams whith “trial thread” – there is no SUCH ELEMENT ! The ”suggest” to buy their threads ! What for they needed to declair their ‘trial” thread ? when they didn’t give it ?Jerks ) Total jerkness !

    • https://www.facebook.com/InternetMonetizationTactics admin


      Digital Generation is paying again: Please check my latest article for payment proofs. Here is the link to the post.

    • paulyiorkas


      Digital Generation is paying again. You can check my new post where I posted my own payment proofs.

      They had some problems -yes, but they are back again.

      At the end of the post there is an update with the link to the post.

      Please check it out.

      • Otto

        Payment cannot be done

        At the current moment payouts for your account are temporarily unavailable,you are welcome to use your available earnings to purchase thread license or make another withdrawal request back later.

        This is a temporarily measure which affects trial accounts only for now as a courtesy to all paid users.

        Digital Generation Administration 6 November 2013

        They HAVE NO MONEY to pay — so ALL TRIALS * 4/5 of total ammount WANTS their 1— 5 $ BUT … BUT ..THERE IS NO EVEN THAT MONEY to be paid !
        I can’t amagine how feels one person bied 20 – 120 etc. ”threads” ))))

      • Otto

        Payment cannot be done

        At the current moment payouts for your account are temporarily unavailable,you are welcome to use your available earnings to purchase thread license or make another withdrawal request back later.

        This is a temporarily measure which affects trial accounts only for now as a courtesy to all paid users.

        Digital Generation Administration 7 November 2013

      • Otto

        U can & DO explane everything BUT BUT…. most of adecvate people believe to them’s eyes, dood ))

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